Update Payroll – Coronavius Update

Up to and including March 15, 2020, where an employer directed a full-time or part-time employee to stay home in line with the Australian Government’s health and quarantine advice, and the employee was not sick with coronavirus, the employee should have been paid ordinarily while the direction applied. 

However, as of Monday 16 March, if an employee cannot work because they are subject to a government order requiring them to self-quarantine, the employee is not ordinarily entitled to be paid (unless they use leave entitlements). In this case, their inability to work is because of a government order (not advisory) and not because of their employer.

To be clear, if people are sick, or looking after someone who is sick, they should be on personal leave (which is paid if they have entitlements).

We are also receiving a lot of questions as to what to do in the event that they have either staff who are not busy or can’t sustain their current payroll obligations.

Generally speaking, your options may include-

  • Directed leave – Long Service or Annual in cases of excessive accruals
  • Coming to an agreement with your team on them taking accrued annual leave
  • Coming to an agreement with your team on them taking unpaid leave working reduced hours
  • Redundancies – genuine, conducted correctly.

Rad Bookkeeping understands that this is a very stressful time, full of uncertainty not only around the future, but also around making the right workplace decisions in line with legislation and in keeping your business running as best as it can. 

We also want you to know that we have many clients, partners and connections in various industries. If you need support that is related to HR (payroll) we can refer you to our HR Consultant 

Important message from Rad Bookkeeping

Due to current circumstances regarding the COVID-19, we are in the process of organising our company to reduce the risk of spread.  Rad fully supports the health of all clients and staff and are doing everything possible to ensure the safety off all.

Whilst we are still working in the office, we have closed the door and request that clients do not visit us during this period.  We will be minimising all face to face contact during these uncertain times.   If you need to drop in paperwork please call our office on 5977 6444 so we can direct you on how to do this.

However, we are all still working and are here to help you with all your business needs.  We love hearing from you, and are happy to take calls and emails and assist you with everything we can.  Rad fully functions in the cloud, so we are perfectly set up for our team to work on or off site and assist you with all queries.   Fortunately, as far as we are aware, none of our team has contracted COVID-19 and our preparedness is not due to any specific incidents. We are taking precautionary measures to ensure we can continue to deliver a high level of service to you.

We are still fully operational, and are here to support you during these uncertain times