HR Intermediary

At RAD Bookkeeping we act as a HR Intermediary for many of our business clients, giving them another level of support they need in a critical area of their business. Here are some of the support services we can offer in the HR Space for our Clients.

  • Search awards and provide appropriate advice – We can help ensure that business owners are paying their staff, old or new, under the appropriate award
  • Prepare job descriptions – We can help businesses prepare job descriptions for new staff that they are employing
  • New employee welcome packs – Onboarding a new staff member correctly is important for their future success at your company. We can help you ensure your new staff get off to a great start
  • Review payroll set up – We make sure that new staff members are set up correctly in your bookkeeping software
  • Payroll audit – We audit all your payments to ensure you are paying people at the correct level.

If you need help with your HR, please get in touch with us today.

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