Prime Minister announces additional prohibited venues/activities re COVID-19

Last night the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, made an address in relation to additional restrictions to activities and venues, to combat the spread of COVID-19 in Australia.

As of midnight tonight, Wednesday 25 March, 2020 the following applies:

No longer open:

Auction rooms, open house inspections (private appointments still allowed), tattoo parlours, tanning, waxing, beauty, massage and spa salons, food courts and play centres (indoor and out). Amusement parks and swimming centres will also be no longer be open to the public.

These inclusions are in addition to other recent prohibited venues/activities including;

Cinemas, nightclubs, casinos, concert venues, theatres, sporting stadiums, libraries, hotels, cafes and restaurants (food delivery and take away/drive through, still available to the public), galleries, community halls and places of worship.

Other places such as caravan parks and outdoor/indoor food markets are subject to the decision of each state.

Still open:

Hairdressers (30 minute appointment times and 4 square metre rule applies), shopping centres (retail stores and 4 square metre rule applies), and offices, (however working from home is still strongly encouraged, where possible).

Restrictions to numbers:

  • Exercise bootcamps outdoors only are limited to 10 participants
  • Weddings are restricted to the couple marrying, two witnesses and celebrant / or 5 people in total
  • Funerals are limited to 10 people
  • Schools in some states will remain open (check individual state for further details)
  • Travel to and from Australia not allowed (exemptions may apply)

Please contact Rad Bookkeeping if your business is affected by this latest information, or if your business is impacted in any way.   We will assist you with how to manage your employees to ensure best practice and best possible outcomes for all.

We understand that it is an exceptional period in Australian history and we are thinking of all our Rad clients and partners at this time.