NEWSFLASH!!! STATE GOVERNMENT ECONOMIC STIMULUS announced payroll tax refunds! The initial cash will go to small and medium-sized businesses with annual payrolls of less than $3 million, with about 24,000 businesses, employing about 400,000 workers, set to benefit. Let’s use the cash to keep people employed!

The firms will be entitled to a refund of all the payroll tax they have paid for the first three-quarters of the current financial year and will get a waiver on their bills from the State Revenue Office for the June quarter.

 $1.7  billion fight for state’s economic survival
Federal Govt is expected to announce a package for sole traders on Monday 

And those that run your business from a property held in your SMSF who are experiencing a downturn in income from COVID-19 and want to provide their own business with debt relief, guidance from ATO expected Monday