Free SMS Check-in app for businesses

Free SMS Check-in app for businesses to use to register patrons in their shop/office etc

HR Central announces the launch of a free SMS driven patron check-in app for any owner/operator within Australia wishing to register patrons in their store/cafe/business.

  • This free SMS tool allows patrons to register their name and contact number from their own device via SMS.
  • Registering names and contact numbers means a business can contact those that may be at risk should a COVID-19 outbreak occur in their establishment.
  • Check-In will eliminate contact with others by not touching/using the same device or getting too close to other patrons or staff.
  • Staff time assisting and/or registering patrons themselves will be greatly reduced.
  • Business owners/operators have access to their list of patrons anywhere, any time via a secure website.

AVAILABLE NOW, Check-In is free and available to all Australian Businesses. Check-In is a great way to assist both public safety and support the national economy as we all ease back from COVID-19 restrictions.

Register for Check-In here: