Conquer the Crisis Live Streamed – 27th March @ 10am

In case you didn’t know, small businesses employ nearly 70% of Australia’s workforce, that’s 9.1 million people.

And if this crisis continues for more than 3 months, it’s reported up to 20% of all small businesses could fail and that would mean almost 2 million people would lose their jobs.

For this reason, we need to take urgent action and right now we need to give all small business owners the knowledge, skills, tools and resources to fight this battle head-on.

Introducing “CONQUER the CRISIS” – The Live-streamed, Emergency Event for SMEs to Survive and Thrive in the Time of COVID-19.

In an unprecedented move, the best and brightest business experts in Australia have joined forces for an emergency event unlike anything else you’ve experienced before.

This 1-Day event will be 100% virtual and Livestream to all 2.2 million business owners across Australia for FREE. That means you won’t need to travel or buy a ticket to attend.

If you’re a business owner, that uses Facebook, all you need to do is click on the link below and mark your status as “Going”:


After, add the date, time and link below into your diary. Then, at exactly 10:00am AEDT on Friday 27th March, click on this link and it wil be LIVE.

Alternatively, if you’re not all over Facebook, you can go to the website below. There you can register, in under 10 seconds, and from there you’ll be sent all the details you need.


Then, at 10:00am AEDT on Friday 27th March, revisit the webpage a few minutes before the start time and they will be broadcasting.

Finally, if you are not a business owner, please forward this email onto every business owner or senior leader or manager you know.

Now is seriously the time to come together as our amazing business community needs us more than ever before.